Dramatic Title

Ok, let’s be honest. I could use a bunch of large words to describe just how dark and desperate everything is with the greatest necromancer to ever live being released back into the world of the living and the Realm of the Dead in civil war between Bal and Death, but it will sound rather redundant. Instead, I shall post a riddle here. The first one to solve it will receive a grand treasure beyond all imagining.

Two men are sitting down at a restaurant. They are talking, laughing, and having a good time when they are served their food. They reminisce for a few more minutes then dig in. Suddenly, one man gasps after taking bite of his paltry. The other man freezes in fear, then looks down in shame as the first man runs out of the restaurant.

Why did the man run out?

This is a situational riddle where you ask questions, specifically through the forum, and I answer yes or no. You are to try and piece together the whole of the situation that caused the first man to run out.

Requisite cool picture: