Phantom Blades

The Drow King's Parade


After gaining our new mission to kill the Drow King the group has a random encounter will a watertype fog monster but we defeat it quickly. I found a scroll with the seal of the Drow kingdom on it. Callum was able to decipher some of the scroll.

We stop in a small village. Callum and I “gain” new relatives. Villagers start disappearing. I sensed something was wrong and told the others. Eventually we discover a small group of skillful Ninjas. I managed to kill one with a sightless shot. Malibar took care of another.
Volke had trouble with his opponent but i managed to convince the Cleric to accompany me to Volke’s location. After DM distracted the Ninja I managed to land an attack which released Volke from his grasp. In the end, the Ninja trips impaling himself on my arrow.

Continuing our journey we stumble upon a group of traveling gypsies, we discover a head on a spike. When we learned of the spike’s intelligence and skills we decide to steal the spike head in hopes that he could tell us where we could find the Drow King.

We gained some good information from the stick-head. Callum even seemed to become good friends with the head. I do not recall his name… The head told us of a parade which the Drow King was having, and together came up with several plans:

Plan A:
I ask DM to distract the city with several simultaneous natural sky phenomenons, then Ulf and I go all out in an attempt to assassinate the King.

Plan B:
Callum intimidates crowd into killing the King. The rest of the group helps with in the crowd to stir them up.

Plan C:
Volke waits at the palace to assassinate the King as he attempts to make a speech.

Needless to say plans did not go the way we had hoped..

During plan A, the King was teleported out and a Rilkan of Lightning took his place. When Ulf’s shields made contact with the Rilkan, he fled, teleporting back to wherever it is he came from I presume.


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